Maternal and Child Health Unit

A path on which you are not alone.

Maternity is a path full of emotions where the value of safety takes on a special meaning. To know that throughout your pregnancy you have the support of a specialized team of doctors will help you enjoy these months with the peace of mind of knowing that your baby and you are in the best hands.

That is why we have developed a special monitoring program for all pregnancies, with particular observation in those cases that require it and the direct supervision of our Fetal Medicine Unit.


The beginning of a new life.

Becoming parents is the most complete experience that exists and includes all vital aspects. To support you, we offer Maternal Education Courses. They will help answer your questions and help you learn from the experience of professionals dealing with the issue from various points of view: midwives, gynecologists, anesthetists, pediatricians and so on.

With top professionals

Every moment of the pregnancy, birth or the first months of your child’s life are absolutely decisive. And there is no greater guarantee than having a multidisciplinary team with the capacity to respond to any necessity. At Hospiten you have access to a complete Maternal and Child Health Service with gynecologists, pediatricians, anesthetists, mid-wives and highly qualified nursing staff.

Always at your service, 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Your big day.

The birth has arrived and the mother needs to feel supported at all times. To have the company of someone close to her, whoever she chooses, will make her feel calmer and stronger during dilation and the birth.

The mother can also choose the way in which she wishes to give birth by stating her preferred method in her own Birth Plan. This plan will be fully respected provided it is viable and safe for the baby and the mother herself. Just like the epidural anesthetic – it is fully guaranteed as long as it is viable and safe for both mother and baby.

Just like at home.

Being comfortable will enable you to rest and enjoy your baby from the very beginning. At Hospiten our rooms are comfortable and we have a fully equipped neonatal unit to take care of all the needs of a newborn baby.

The mother should bring only the clothes her baby will wear on leaving hospital, as Hospiten provides all the clothes, bedding and personal hygiene items needed whilst in hospital.

The best is yet to come.

The birth is just the beginning of the path. Our nursing team will give you useful advice on how to take care of the baby in the first days. You will also be shown how to breastfeed, so that from the beginning, the experience will be satisfactory and successful for the mother and her baby.

For a life full of good health.

Before going home, the baby will undergo pediatric examinations and tests to make sure he/she is healthy and to give personalized recommendations to parents.


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