Sports studies, allies of health


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Sports studies, allies of health

Publicado el 03-07-2017

Hospiten Estepona advises athletes to undergo these studies to know their physical conditions in depth and improve their marks in a healthy way and adapted to their physical condition.

Sports studies are a fundamental tool to respond to the main questions that athletes pose when it comes to improving both their physical condition and their marks. At the same time, they offer a general and detailed overview of the health status of the athlete so that they can adapt their diet and training routines and thus achieve a performance at the highest level.

According to Dr. Antonio Ramirez, Head of the Cardiology Service at Hospiten Estepona, through these studies several objectives are pursued: first to improve performance and increase the anaerobic threshold in a healthy and safe way; second, to measure the physical condition of the individual through medical evidence such as the calculation of maximum oxygen consumption, and finally, based on these studies, the athlete can develop a training plan that adapts to their conditions to improve their marks, whilst reinforcing his/her self-esteem and satisfaction as an athlete.


The Sports Study has as its starting point the cardiological analysis of the athlete. Therefore, Hospiten Sports Studies were born in association with the Cardiology Service at Hospiten Estepona and are endorsed by Dr. Pedro Brugada, distinguished with the Gold Medal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and one of the discoverers of the so-called Syndrome Brugada.

A complete examination

In order to carry out a sports study, which is adapted to the reality of each individual athlete, the test must be carried out in the environment in which the athlete feels most comfortable, so that their vital functions and their marks are as real as possible. For that reason, Hospiten Estepona offers the possibility of carrying out tests with the athlete’s own bicycle, as it has been proven to be the best way to obtain more accurate measurements.

The medical examination done in the Sports Study is complete and detailed and consists of a series of physical and medical tests such as spirometry, which measures lung capacity; a cardiovascular study to assess the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system at rest and how it adapts to maximum effort; electrocardiogram at rest, which shows the correct electrical functioning of the heart; and an echocardiogram to analyze how the heart works and its size, as well as the diameter of the walls and valves.

It also includes a stress test with expired gas analysis that measures the cardiovascular adaptation at a predetermined maximum effort, which helps to measure sports performance and helps rule out cardiac pathologies.

In addition, the Sports Study also includes genetic tests that assess the hereditary individual predisposition and prolonged electrocardiographic monitoring using the NUUBO system, which records the record and sends it to the Electrophysiology Unit, where dozens of parameters are analyzed in order to rule out the existence of cardiac arrhythmias related to the probability of suffering sudden death or cardiac events. With the results of all these tests we get the best real definition of the health status of the athlete, which will help him/her to know how their body reacts to a sporting effort and adapt their life habits and training routines to achieve the best marks