Hospiten Group

A lifetime devoted to the advancement of health

Coming from a family business leaves its mark on you. And Hospiten comes from a team with a certain way of doing things that’s become a part of our company.

We’ve spent over 50 years making our career in the health and wellbeing industry in five countries. And that’s enabled us to become part of the life of a lot of people, to understand and respond to challenge after challenge.

In the last few years we’ve been seeing that people -including us- have changed. Isn’t it time to look at health from a different perspective? To treat patients like adults, help them own their own health and empower them to take the best decisions for themselves?

We’re ready to be part of that change. And together we’re building an ecosystem of wellbeing around people, where talent and technology join forces in the service of something bigger.






To build an ecosystem of wellbeing around people



Keep the family spirit alive

Our culture has its roots in the personal connections we have among our teams, the relationships we have with patients and the communities where we work.

Value others

This means listening to and respecting the opinions of others. Working together, with the sum knowledge of an international team of over 7,000 professionals whose perspectives enrich us.

Always find a way

This means not being afraid of a blank page. Blazing new trails with the goal of finding answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Always look forward

This means acting bravely to do better. Continuing to learn, driven by a sense of innovation. Working every day with determination to imagine what health and wellbeing will be like tomorrow.




We’re collaborative

The cohesion we’ve inherited from the spirit we were born with.

We’re involved

Empathy as the result of allying our passion with our calling.

We’re decisive

Our vision, which comes from our experience and career.

We’re determined

The seriousness that comes from knowing what point we want to reach.