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Hospiten Puerto Vallarta invites the public to prevent prostate cancer and treat it in time.

Posted on 06-11-2017

Through the ‘movember’ campaign for awareness about cancer and other prostate diseases in November, the talks by medical authorities to inform men and women about urology issues are reinforced; Hospiten Puerto Vallarta has joined the movement with the help of their specialists.

Because factors such as the fear, ignorance, shame or disinterest of men towards the area of ??urology, prostate cancer, although there are no accurate statistics, continues to be one of the most serious diseases in men to date.

The month of November was chosen to give greater publicity to the fight against prostate cancer and its prevention, which is why various institutions carry out activities, forums and talks mainly for men in order to invite them to be examined for the prostate antigen to detect any irregularities.

In this regard Hospiten Puerto Vallarta, offered a talk with the specialist in urology Dr. Leonardo Robles to explain the importance of timely detection, treatments and the process of cancer development.

Before the age of 40, routine checks is not recommended, however, after 40 and up to 70 years of age it is recommended as cancer is more common at this age. Prostate cancer develops slowly at that age and is riskier.

The risk factors are inflammation, infection, in young people sexually transmitted diseases and factors that cause cell damage such as work stress, smoking from an early age, prolonged exposure to the sun, high-fat diet, which promote premature aging of the cells and cause a a potentially cancerous tumor.

Hospiten Puerto Vallarta as part of the campaign, and during the month of November is offering a urological check-up package that includes a general urine test plus prostate-specific antigen, consultation with the urologist and ultrasound.

During this month there will also be further talks on the same subject to the collaborators of public and government institutions such as SEAPAL Vallarta, API and different hotels.