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Entrepreneurs and condominium owners of Marina Vallarta endorse Hospiten medical care

Posted on 10-10-2017

This meeting is part of the round of contacts aimed at publicizing the Puerto Vallarta health sector experience.

Hospiten Puerto Vallarta has recently received the visit of representatives of the public and private sectors with the aim of showing them round the facilities and seeing the services available. Among the visitors to the hospital was the president of the Marina Vallarta residents' association, Enrique Camargo Treviño, who on behalf of the local residents and business sector endorsed Hospiten's hospital services in the city, recognizing the quality, advanced technology and commitment to providing the best care.

In this regard, the Medical Director, of Hospiten Puerto Vallarta Dr. Marcelo Basave Rojas, and the General Manager, Antonio Fernandez welcomed the Marina Vallarta resident and showed him round the hospital, the services and different facilities. Hospiten values ??the organization of such meetings to promote the demand for health services, create networks of contact between the different agencies, and explore the possibilities for new investment and future projects for the local citizens.

The areas visited during the tour were: outpatients’, specially equipped pediatric offices, trauma and orthopedics, dermatology, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, internal medicine and cardiology, among others, in addition to intensive care and operating rooms.

During the tour of the hospital, Enrique Camargo Treviño invited the Hospiten Group to maintain contact offering a talk with local hotel managers and presidents of condominiums to strengthen the network of contacts and let more people learn of the advantages and benefits of being attended by the medical specialists at Hospiten Puerto Vallarta.