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Allergic Rhinitis

Posted on 09-09-2017

Rhinitis is a syndrome caused by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nostrils, which is clinically characterized by symptoms of obstruction and nasal congestion and in adjacent areas. It is a disorder that occurs for two or more days consecutively and for more than an hour on most days. According to the clinical description, the origin of rhinitis has been classified into several types. In this regard, Dr. Mauricio Sainz, Otorhinolaryngologist at Hospiten Los Cabos, comments that "different types of rhinitis can appear almost the same, but are not treated in the same way; so it is important for a specialist to confirm the type of rhinitis presented by the patient".

Allergic rhinitis is the most common of the non-infectious types; and is determined by an allergen that triggers an allergic reaction, such as pollen, dust, hair of some animals, etc. After contact with the agent to which the patient is allergic, the following symptoms may develop: itchy nose, mouth, eyes and other areas of the body, the sense of smell is affected, sneezing, watery eyes and rhinorrhea (nasal congestion). Subsequently, there are other manifestations such as cough, blocked ears, sore throat, eye swelling, fatigue, irritability and headache.

Dr. Sainz explains, "on many occasions, we minimize what our body is telling us; and it is very important to know the causes that affect our health and give timely care. In the case of allergic rhinitis, contact with the allergen that causes it must be avoided, avoid excessive use of drugs and modify our lifestyle. " In Hospiten San Jose del Cabo and Hospiten Cabo San Lucas, there are excellent facilities and equipment for the study, diagnosis and treatment of rhinitis, as well as ear, nose and throat (ENT or Otorhinolaryngology) conditions.