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How to prevent lower back pain

Posted on 09-09-2017

Lumbago is characterized by pain in the lower back. Also known as lower back pain or lumbosacral pain, it is a condition that almost everyone will experience at some point in our lives. People between the ages of 30 and 60 are most likely to experience this type of pain in the lumbar region of the spine, which extends from the lower ribs to the lower buttocks.

Lumbar pain often appear after performing physical activity, a sudden movement or lifting something heavy. According to Dr. Gustavo Alvarez Borda, Orthopedic Surgeon and Traumatologist at Hospiten, lower back pain is very particular in each patient, hence it is important to see a specialist to carry out a study of the case in which the medical history is explored, looking into details such as falls, bumps, posture problems, one leg shorter than the other, previous surgeries, other diseases and even family history, which supports an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

In addition, the doctor commented that "although lumbago is a very common condition, it should not be taken lightly. Lower back pain that is not takencare of in a timely manner has a high probability of becoming chronic. " Knowing not only what causes it, but also its evolution, what relieves it, what worsens the pain and where it radiates, is the task of the specialist; as well as to rule out or confirm conditions that could be confused with lumbago. At Hospiten San José del Cabo and Hospiten Cabo San Lucas, there are excellent facilities and equipment for the diagnosis, control andtreatment of lumbago, through a network of specialists who collaborate closely to offer a personal service and peronalized service for each patient.