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Hospiten Estepona joins the Euromelanoma prevention campaign

Posted on 08-06-2017

The healthcare group has offered free check-ups and advises the public on the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer.

Hospiten Estepona, once again, joins the Euromelanoma Campaign, a European initiative to advise the public on the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer with free check-ups and with advice on pigmented lesions by the group’s dermatologists.

Last Saturday a team from Hospiten Estepona, led by dermatologist Ana Marquez, offered information on the prevention of melanoma at the Estepona hospital.

The incidence of melanoma increases every year by between 3% and 8%, although the number of deaths has not grown thanks to early diagnosis, which has become the main weapon with which to combat this type of cancer.

Hospiten Estepona once again joins this campaign, which coincides with the start of the summer season and greater exposure to the sun. So, as prevention, it is essential to check one’s skin regularly for suspicious marks. It is especially important to check marks that have changed in size, color or shape, are different from any other marks, are asymmetrical, are rough to the touch, have several colors, measure more than 5 mm, itch, bleed, have a shiny surface or look like a wound, but do not heal.

Free skin studies

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (AEDV), for this European campaign initiative, Euromelanoma, has set up a platform to request free appointments Through this platform, you can make an appointment at our Hospiten Estepona centers. Or, you can do so directly on 952 760 600 for Hospiten Estepona.