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Prevention in children’s health

Posted on 17-05-2017

 At present, one of the priorities of doctors around the world is to prevent infectious diseases by means of vaccination. Although the immediate aim is to prevent disease, the final goal is to eradicate it.

Dr. Esther Carrasco, pediatrician at Hospiten Los Cabos, says that preventing the spread of infectious disease by means of vaccination, particularly in children, is important because it helps keep children healthy, reduces morbidity and mortality rates and, of course, reduces the need for hospitalization and contributes to the healthy development of children into adulthood.

Dr. Carrasco also points out that protecting children by vaccinating them is a joint task in which doctors, nurses and the parents are involved, so the public is encouraged to contact their doctor for advice, to clarify their doubts and meet the requirements of the National Vaccination Schedule, as well as participating in the vaccination drives that take place every year.