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Hospiten signs an agreement of collaboration with the Department of Medical Technologies at ULPGC

Posted on 04-05-2017

In a collaborative role, the Hospiten Group joins the Department of Medical Technologies which is currently under development at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Among other things, the department aims to become a multidisciplinary platform that will focus on a variety of medical challenges through research and technological advances.

The Chair of the Department and the head of the Hospiten Endoluminal/Endovascular Diagnostics and Therapeutic Service, Professor Manuel Maynar, stated that the Canary Islands are pioneers in the use of medical technology and that it is vital that departments like this involve other organizations to make them more aware of the importance of such medical advances.

“The transfer of knowledge between the university and companies puts technology adapted to the field of medicine at the forefront of technological advancement, so that applications developed in the university arena may have projection and have the backing of the business sector”, added the Hospiten specialist.

The Department of Medical Technologies covers all scientific areas used in  likely to be applied in the medical sector.

All these activities will benefit the community be means of R+D+I projects, scientific papers, the publication of results, social-sanitary literacy campaigns among the public and university education, in addition to innovative educational activities throughout medical-healthcare training.

Hospiten is joining the project, created by Professor Maynar, in recognition of the importance of endorsing technological advances in the medical sector and to take part in the development of techniques that are beneficial to patients. The group also recognizes the importance of such university departments as essential tools in forging the relationship between the business sector and universities.