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Tips to avoid injuries during skiing

Posted on 15-02-2017

The head of the Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Service at Hospiten Estepona and Algeciras, Jose Maria Crespo, recalls that before going skiing, it is a good idea to undergo a physical examination.

Hospiten Estepona, coinciding with the start of the season of winter sports, and at the gates of the ‘Semana Blanca’ in Malaga, recommends that people planning to go skiing undergo a check of their physical condition in advance, fundamentally, novice sportspeople or those who have suffered previous injury.

The head of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology at Hospiten Estepona and Algeciras, Jose Maria Crespo Rivero, explains that "before skiing a minimum of physical preparation is needed throughout the year and not only after the last snow season. It is therefore advisable to perform regular strengthening exercises at home or in the gym, especially of the lower body (quadriceps, hamstrings and the abdominal belt, an important stabilizer of the pelvis and spine), alternating with more aerobic sports (running, cycling or swimming), that allow us to obtain a good physical condition to enjoy this sport to the fullest".

It is important to remember that in the case of nearby ski stations such as Sierra Nevada, the altitude will approach 2,500-2,800 meters, with the consequent feeling of fatigue due to the decrease in oxygen, so good physical preparation beforehand could prevent muscle fatigue. In addition, leg fatigue is often the cause of minor accidents that can ruin the holiday, as well as dragging a knee, wrist or even shoulder injury for a long time.

The Hospiten specialist also points out that "food and hydration is something often forgotten, but with a good intake of carbohydrates at dinner of the previous day, as well as adequate water intake, the body’s functions improve, thus avoiding moments of fatigue that can cause injury. You should also take a bottle of water, as well as cereal bars for consumption during skiing".

Finally, Dr. Crespo advises the use of thermal fabrics, as well as compression clothing, which will provide comfort and improved muscle function. In the same way some later gentle stretching that will help recover from muscle overload. Some muscle pain relief cream or a hot bath are also good options for the after-ski period.