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The RCNT (Royal Yacht Club of Tenerife) undergoes medical check-ups at Hospiten Rambla

Posted on 01-09-2016

The yacht club players underwent pre-season checks.

This week the Royal Yacht Club of Tenerife Basketball Club (CB RCNT) underwent the standard round of pre-season medical check-ups at Hospiten Rambla in Santa Cruz. The check-ups took place after the renewal of the sponsorship agreement between the club and the hospital.

The yacht club players put themselves in the hands of staff at the prestigious hospital for routine tests before the start of the season.The tests took place in the Cardiology Department of the center and involved blood and urine tests, a stress test, ultrasound and electrocardiogram.

The players were accompanied to the hospital by Javier Gonzalez Orive, club director and on behalf of Hospiten, Dr. Miguel Arriaga, Medical Director welcomed them and acted as host.