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Hospiten receives QH Accreditation for excellence in healthcare quality and safety

Posted on 25-06-2015

Today in Madrid the healthcare group has been awarded the accreditation by the Institute for Development and Integration of Health Care (IDIS), which aims to improve the quality and innovation of national and international health organizations.

The Hospiten hospitals in the Canaries are the only centers to achieve the qualification ‘QH+1 star’, one of the highest categories.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 25 2015: Today in Madrid the Hospiten Group was awarded the QH Accreditation (Quality Healthcare) by the Institute for Development and Integration in Health Care (IDIS), an acknowledgement of excellence in health care and safety in Spanish and international healthcare institutions.

The “QH +1 star” Accreditation, one of the higher categories, was awarded to Hospiten Bellevue, Hospiten Estepona, Hospiten Lanzarote, Hospiten Rambla, Hospiten Sur, Hospiten Tamaragua and to the Hospiten Specialty Center in Algeciras. The accreditation takes into account the different attributes of the quality systems currently in place and takes an overall look at activities carried out to achieve quality, with the Hospiten hospitals being the only centers to achieve +1 star qualification in the Canaries.

The CEO of the Hospiten Group, Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio, present at the awards ceremony, stated that the award was an acknowledgement of the strategy developed by Hospiten in pursuit of making the group an international reference for its first rate services, whose aim it is to ensure the welfare of patients and their loved ones, the motivation of the staff and the economic efficiency of the group.

In addition, Mr. Hernandez Rubio pointed out that “this is an added value for our patients and a further incentive to continue our policies on quality, excellence and innovation, particularly in a sector as important as health care”.

The QH Accreditation was presented by members of the Audit Committee, made up of the Spanish Association for Quality, the Patients’ General Alliance, the Spanish Society for Quality in Healthcare, the Spanish Society of Health Directors and the IDIS itself.