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10 years caring for people. Hospiten Estepona celebrates the hospital’s 10th anniversary

Posted on 24-06-2015

In 2005 Hospiten arrived in Estepona, the first of the Hospiten Group’s hospitals on the Iberian Peninsula, to a warm welcome.

It has been 10 years since Hospiten Estepona opened in the area. Today the hospital offers a wide variety of medical-surgical specialties, such as gynecology, cardiology, pediatrics, internal medicine, urology, clinical neurophysiology, anesthetics or general surgery, among others. At present, more than 200 professionals contribute to providing improved health services on the Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar.

Over the years Hospiten Estepona has been consolidated as a point of reference in healthcare for residents in the area and has become more and more specialized with the setting up of specific units, like the Stroke Unit, the Sleep Study Unit and the Arrhythmia and Cardiac Electrophysiology Unit, with Dr. Brugada, a physician of renowned international prestige, at its head.

In the words of Medical Director Dr. Tomas Piñeiro, about how Hospiten Estepona has been consolidated in the area, ‘our greatest value lies in that all the professionals working at Hospiten Estepona put everything, our effort and passion, into solving the health problems of all those placing themselves in our hands. We try to find the solution as soon as possible and with the greatest professionalism’.

Over these ten years, Hospiten Estepona has attended 889,941 patients, delivered 3,310 babies, dealt with 157,339 emergency cases and carried out 13,494 surgical interventions. The facilities included 47 beds, a 6-bed ICU, a 6-cubicle E.R., 3 operating rooms and a labor room.