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Tenerife Football Club player Vitolo passes medical check-up at Hospiten Rambla

Posted on 18-06-2014

Last Wednesday, Vitolo underwent the usual series of tests at HospitenRambla in the Tenerife capital, under the supervision of Dr. Juan Jose Valencia.

The Blue and White club and the player have reached an agreement on the next two seasons, to be signed once all the medical checks have been completed and the paperwork taken care of. Before the stress test, coordinated by cardiologist Antonio Castro, Vitolo appeared before the press to say, “I’m really happy – I’ve been waiting a long time to come back”. “I left 10 years ago and it’s always nice to come home. I’m very happy to be back where I belong, to be back here. It’s co-incidental, but at last we’ve both got what we always wanted every summer”.