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Part of the Tenerife FC B team underwent medical check-ups at Hospiten Rambla.

Posted on 29-08-2013

The tests, carried out for the first time on players from the affiliate team of Tenerife FC, are split into two groups. On the first day of the tests, the club’s Sports Director, Quique Medina, was present at the hospital first thing in the morning.

As part of a pioneering activity, and as another show of the importance and support the Tenerife FC gives to the teams making up the Blue and White team’s youth and reserve teams, on Wednesday a first group of players from the affiliate Third Division team underwent the pertinent check-ups that included the same tests as those of the first team.

This new initiative is taking place thanks to the agreement of collaboration for the new season recently signed between the Hospiten Group and Tenerife FC, under which the prestigious national and international Canary company is linked to and supports everyone’s favorite team.

On the first of the two programmed days, the Sports Director of Tenerife FC, Quique Medina, was present at the hospital. The second group will be completed on Thursday.