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The Cardiac Surgery Service at Hospiten Rambla publishes an article on the implanting of a trifecta aortic valve

Posted on 19-08-2013

An article was published in the journal “Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery” by the Cardiac Surgery Service at Hospiten Rambla with the collaboration of the doctors of the Hospiten Rambla Anesthesiology Service  on their experience with 200 patients undergoing “Trifecta” aortic valve implants, a new aortic valve with an incorporated stent. The conclusion of the medical data shows the use of this type of valve gives good clinical results.

In May this year, Dr. Eduard Permanyer presented a summary of the work in the form of a scientific poster at the Catalan Cardiac Surgery Society in Barcelona.

The Hospiten Rambla Cardiac Surgery Service, directed by Dr. Rafael Llorens, is the most experienced service in implanting this type of valves in Spain.