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Hospiten organizes a talk on Miracle Diets vs the Mediterranean Diet at the ‘Ámbito Cultural’ of El Corte Inglés in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Posted on 12-07-2013

According to the Spanish Society for Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN), one in three obese people in Spain have been on a ‘Miracle Diet’ with the corresponding helath risks.

Many of these diets involve eliminating one of the food groups from one’s diet, promising rapid, effortless weight loss, unrealistic goals and the need to purchase numerous, essential products and so on.

At the talk last Thursday, July 11, at the ‘Ámbito Cultural’ of El Corte Inglés, Hospiten Rambla and Hospiten Bellevue nutritionist, Marjorie Duchateau, spoke about how to identify the risks and learn to spot these diets.

The Mediterranean diet was given as an example of a healthy diet, supported by relevant, economic, accessible and effective scientific studies. She also stressed the importance of personalized care because every patient, for a variety of reasons, like gender, lifestyle, age, etc., has different nutritional needs.

The conference ended with a question and answer session through which the nutritionist was able to respond to the doubts the attendees had about different diets.