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Part of the Tenerife FC team starts the 2013/2014 season with medical check-ups

Posted on 11-07-2013

The tests for all the players took place at Hospiten Rambla, the new medical sponsor of the ‘White and Blue’ club.

Sergio Aragoneses, Roberto Gutierrez, Nauzet Garcia, Aitor Sanz, Oscar Rico, Aday Benitez, Javier Moyano, Bruno Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Tarantino, Chechu Flores, Francisco Nicolas “Nico”, Luismi Loro and Jefte Betancort visited the hospital on the Rambla de Santa Cruz 115, in the Tenerife capital on Thursday morning.

Under the coordination of the head of the club’s medical services, Dr Juan Jose Valencia, various tests were carried out first thing in the morning, such as the strength test, magnetic resonance and other tests forming part of the normal medical protocol for these cases.

On Friday, the rest of the team will submit to the same tests as their colleagues. The media will have access at 10.00 and the meeting point will be in reception of Hospiten Rambla.

Luismi Loro appeared before the media and stated that the players are enthusiastic and happy to start the new season after the success of last season took the team back to professional football. He also expressed satisfaction at the calendar and, in particular, at starting in Madrid and at the derby matches against Las Palmas Sports United. Finally, the midfielder from Madrid stated that he is convinced of the team’s capacity for competition and to achieve the 50 points in a complicated category for high-level teams.