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Hospiten Estepona Surgical Service made a presentation at the 8th National Surgical Nursing Congress

Posted on 31-10-2012

At the Eighth National Surgical Nursing Congress, Registered Nurses Rocio Hormigo Sanchez and Ana Maria Lopez Flores, part of the Hospiten Estepona Surgical Service, gave a talk entitled "Fat Grafting", a technique consisting of taking autologous fat from one part of the body to another that is lacking in fat, used with patients with facial lipoatrophy, scars or as a filler for deep lines with 0% rejection.

The talk concluded that autologous fat (from the patient him/herself) grafts do not fade with time and maintain about 80% of the volume of fat grafted. Furthermore, the procedure is practical, safe and minimally invasive and gives the patient practically guaranteed esthetic results with, according to the studies, 0% rejection of the infiltrated material.