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Hospiten Group, at the traditional pilgrimage of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Posted on 18-12-2017

Committed to local traditions, the Hospiten Group could not miss the start of the twelve days of pilgrimages on the occasion of the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico). Collaborators, administrators, relatives and friends of all those who make up the Hospiten Group gathered on December 1 to take an offering to the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

As every year, from December 1 to 12 hundreds of parishioners come to the pilgrimage accompanied by music groups with praises, dancers, war bands, floats, offerings, floral arrangements, among other signs of devotion to the Virgin.

The Hospiten team and their families set off from October 31 Street to the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, next to an allegorical car with a child on a stretcher, a doctor and in front of them the Virgin Mary. The tour was accompanied by the renowned Nuevo Continental Mariachi Band.

When they arrived at the church, they placed the offerings to then listen to the words of the parish priest Roberto Cordero who welcomed all the pilgrims.

This international Catholic event is lived by people from Vallarta and visitors who watch the passage of pilgrims along Juarez Street, enjoying the typical foods and drinks.