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Hospiten Roca warns of low condom use among young people

Posted on 30-01-2018

On the occasion of European Sexual Health Day, this Tuesday, February 14, Hospiten Roca warns of low condom use among young people and the increase in high-risk behavior that may lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), a major problem in public health in terms of the complications of these diseases and the consequences of their not being treated early on.

The head of the Hospiten Roca Gynecology Service, Francisco Cabrera, says that in recent years we have seen great changes in the way we live our sexuality, which has, in turn, brought down the age at which people become sexually active, in addition to bringing about a gradual increase in the incidence of STDs.

For instance, if we speak about the male condom, it is used by 75% of people always, but, 40% use it once they have started sexual relations. Adolescents almost exclusively use the condom to avoid pregnancy, with little regard for STDs. What’s more, most STD sufferers have no symptoms, so the disease is easily passed on”, explains Dr. Cabrera.

Hospiten strongly supports the need to make the public aware of the importance of sexual education from an early age, before becoming sexual active, through quality information based on scientific evidence. In this way, young people will have the knowledge, capacity and correct attitude to take decisions rationally and consciously.

Dr. Francisco Cabrera adds, “Sexual and reproductive health is an essential part of our overall health and has a great effect on our future lives. That is why it is so important to have access to accurate information and health professionals to advise, educate and teach our young people to develop appropriate lifestyles for their health and to take preventive measures”.