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Hospiten Roca collaborates in the formation of a score of future nutritionists

Posted on 19-02-2018

Hospiten Roca received 21 students from the Higher Cycle of Nutrition and Dietetics from the Canary Islands Higher Institute of Teaching (ICSE) to collaborate in their training with a talk on the diets patients should follow as part of their treatment or for their health conditions. Divided into two groups, the students attended a conference about the dietary needs of each patient and the therapeutic applications of the diets designed for them. After the theoretical explanations, these future professionals learned the way in which the kitchen staff manages the preparation of the menus adapted to each of the hospitalized people.

In the first training block, the medical applications of the hypocaloric and hypercaloric diets were explained to the students, of special importance for patients with problems of overweight and anorexia, and those indicated for people with diarrhea or constipation. The restriction of carbohydrates from the menus for diabetics, the consistency and texture of the foods that each patient needs, and the meals that should be given to people who are not conscious were also discussed.

The talk ended with the particularities of soft diets, those indicated as preoperative treatment of the colon, special menus for patients with allergies and the nutritional needs of people with special dietary behaviors, as is the case of ovolactovegetarian people.

In a second training block, the students were taught the management, in a hospital kitchen, of all the dietary needs of the patients. Likewise, the workers of the center gave a practical workshop on food handling, the organization of the kitchen, meal times, work areas and the transportation of the menus to the rooms. Finally, they showed the applications of the computer systems in the kitchen of a hospital and the operative and quality procedures carried out by the center.

With this training activity, Hospiten Roca advances its commitment to the training of future professionals, and collaborates with educational institutions to ensure that students know in person how theoretical knowledge is applied to the needs of patients.