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Hospiten Lanzarote collaborates with the MAC in a medical conference on work-related injuries

Posted on 21-02-2018

The cycle of talks, in which three specialists from the center participate, seeks to establish a common protocol in the management of certain pathologies and common injuries that occur in the workplace

Arrecife, February 2018:- The Hospiten Group collaborates with the Canary Islands Mutual Accidents Fund (MAC) in a series of medical training sessions aimed at health specialists with the aim of establishing a common protocol in the management of certain pathologies and common injuries that occur in the work environment

The head of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery at Hospiten Lanzarote, Dr. Dariusz Chmielewski, opened the cycle of talks with a presentation on the exploration, diagnosis and treatment of ankle sprain, one of the most frequent injuries as a result of sports practice and the performance of professional activities.

Dr. Alejandro Garcia Londoño, also a specialist in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery at Hospiten Lanzarote, then spoke about frozen shoulder, another common pathology in the workplace. In addition, Dr. Alvaro Morales Vargas, radiologist at Hospiten Lanzarote, focused his presentation on the updating radiology in the diagnosis of a variety of pathologies faced in daily practice by specialists related to the MAC.

By participating in this training day, Hospiten seeks to consolidate a new form of continuous collaboration among professionals, in order to share knowledge and agree on procedures in the clinical assessment and the subsequent treatment of work related injuries.

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