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Hospiten Puerto Vallarta marks Autism awareness month with "Light It Up Blue"

Posted on 03-04-2018

Hospiten Puerto Vallarta marks Autism awareness month with "Light It Up Blue", with the aim of raising awareness of this condition of life which affects to a greater or lesser extent the ability to communicate, the language, behavior and sensory integration of people. In Mexico, 1 in every 115 children have been diagnosed with the condition.

Autism is not a disease but a different way of interpreting the words, colors, shapes and sounds of the world around us.

The causes are unknown, but it is believed there may be a genetic factor in combination with an environmental component. With personalized, specialized therapy, those who sufferers can increase their quality of life.

Information is vital to understanding more about changes in behavior, crises and how to communicate. Having a child with autism is not the end of the world, on the contrary, it is a reason to get up every day and seek to transform their environment and to improve their quality of life.

For that reason, Hospiten Puerto Vallarta will offer free talks with information regarding the subject of the "autistic spectrum" during the month of April in order to raise awareness of the characteristics of this condition and how support can be provided from the family and medical point of view.

Hospiten considers it of utmost importance to provide information on health as well as to be a leading institution in the care of what really matters.