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Girls from Casa Hogar take away good lessons from their visit to Hospiten Vallarta

Posted on 11-04-2018

Hospiten Group, committed to providing the best care, continues with tours of the different medical areas to show the quality that characterizes the group. On this occasion, girls from the Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo in Puerto Vallarta visited the hospital.

The girls received a welcome talk from Hospiten staff, where they learned everything from the hygiene measures that a doctor must respect to the way an injection is given, the main steps for an operation and the tools that a doctor needs to attend a patient.

The girls showed interest and enthusiastically participated in some tasks with nutritionist, Alicia Arias, Hospiten nursing director, Sofía Dantas and the coordinator of emergency physicians, Juan Antonio Fonseca.

Hospiten Puerto Vallarta office manager, Antonio Fernandez was present at the talk and accompanied the girls on a tour of radiology, urology, outpatients, intensive care, the nursery, and the E.R. among other parts of the hospital, which gave them a better learning experience.

The services and different specializations at Hospiten Group will allow the girls who visited the hospital on this occasion, to have a broad view of what it is like to work in a hospital, motivating them to study a profession in the field, or to open up their options for a professional future.

Afterwards, the young women thanked the medical and administrative staff warmly for the guided tour, and who hoped to see the girls in the hospital again. It should be noted that this tour is one more of the other visits of colleges, schools and different institutions the Hospiten Group has received on previous occasions.