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Hospiten Estepona repeats its support for the Euromelanoma prevention campaign

Posted on 31-05-2018

Hospiten Estepona, one more year, joins the Euromelanoma Campaign, a European initiative to inform the public about the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer with free check-ups and with advice to the public about pigmented injuries by their specialists in dermatology.

To do this, next Saturday, June 16, people who so wish may have a free skin study with Dr. Ana Marquez at Hospiten Estepona from 10.00 to 14.00 (limited consultations), and to make an appointment they can contact outpatients’ on 952 760 600.

The incidence of melanoma increases each year between 3% and 8%, however, the death rate does not grow thanks to early diagnosis, which has become the main weapon to combat this type of cancer.

For another year, Hospiten Estepona joins this campaign, which coincides with the start of the summer season and longer sun exposure times. In this sense, as prevention, it is essential to check the skin regularly in search of suspicious spots. The search should especially focus on spots that have changed in size, color or shape, are different from the rest, are asymmetrical, are rough to the touch, have several colors, are larger than 5 mm, itch, bleed, have a shiny surface or look like a wound but do not heal.

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