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Hospiten Roca, first hospital in the Canary Islands to train their specialists in advanced pediatric ultrasound

Posted on 01-08-2018

Hospiten Roca is the first private hospital in the Canary Islands to train its pediatric emergency team in advanced pediatric ultrasound, with a training course at the highest level in Spain, with the aim of offering more precise diagnoses in a single consultation.

A large team of pediatricians, radiologists and nurses from Hospiten Roca and guest specialists from the Maternity and Children’s Hospital have received advanced training in pediatric clinical ultrasound at the hand of pediatrician Ines Osiniri Kippes, a specialist with extensive experience in this field.

The course was developed after the incorporation of a high-performance ultrasound system to be used by the pediatric service of the hospital and which will be available 24 hours a day, with the aim of offering the patient better quality care, since the technology allows response times to be reduced.

The course, which involves both theory and practice, carried out in four specific modules, revolved around pediatric abdominal ultrasound, advanced knowledge of general pediatric ultrasound, neonatal, emergency cases, ultrasound-guided intervention and abdominal trauma.

The objective of the course is to train health professionals in the use of the equipment, which will be vital in decision making, as yet another diagnostic tool offering multiple functions depending on patient and diagnosis and, consequently, providing a better quality of service.

Having this new equipment 24 hours a day will enable doctors to provide answers more rapidly in cases involving children and provide clear information in person to parents or guardians, thus reducing the anxiety that may be caused by a lack of information.

With the incorporation of this new technology, Hospiten Roca reinforces its pediatric emergency service, made up of a team of 10 pediatricians with extensive experience in child care and who are available 365 days a year.

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