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Hospiten with World Heart Day

Posted on 17-10-2018

Under the title “Heart, sport and nutrition”, Dr. Marta Padilla Perez, cardiologist at Hospiten Sur gave a talk on these diseases and how to prevent them. A healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and regular physical exercise every day are all vital to achieving and maintaining a healthy heart. She also recommends regular check-ups to monitor the heart.

Dr. Padilla reminded the public that following a balanced diet improves our quality of life and our performance in sport. “We are what we eat” and the food we eat should give us what our bodies need – nutrients, energy, minerals and so on. It is recommended we follow a series of guidelines, like eating regularly - try to eat healthy foodstuffs (proteins, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, carbohydrates, etc.), try to cook on the grill, in the oven, boiled or steamed. Try to use olive oil and drink plenty of water during the day – not just when you are thirsty. Take special care with protein supplements and energy drinks.

On the subject of sports, she stresses that sudden death (SD) in sportspeople, although infrequent, has enormous repercussions. Heart disease, just like in the case of people leading a sedentary lifestyle, is the most common cause of sudden death. In Spain 127 sportspeople die every year while doing sport or soon after.

Dr. Padilla states that SD should not be an excuse for not doing regular exercise, as it has been shown to be the most efficient way of keeping cardiovascular risks under control. A sports check-up is the most common measure used to keep the number of cases of sudden death down.

The Spanish Heart Foundation recommends having a check-up before taking up a sport, and then every year until the age of 35. When an athlete is over 35, it should be every 2 years.

Hospiten Rambla, Hospiten Bellevue and Tamaragua and Hospiten Estepona took part in the celebration of World Heart Day and in Gran Canaria, Hospiten Roca organized Prevent Vascular Risk Talks at El Tablero Shopping Mall and Atlantico Shopping Mall. There were stands where the public could test their blood pressure and blood sugar level, as well as calculate their cardiovascular risk level.

Remember: don’t leave it too late – listen to your heart, life’s waiting for you