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We have names for the Hospiten mascots!

Posted on 25-02-2019

The competition to choose names for our mascots was a great success. We received some really interesting proposals and input from members of the staff.

After deliberating, the jury, consisting of Managing Director, Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais, Diana Cobiella (Board Member), Carlos Salazar (Director of Sales, Marketing and Communications), Cristina Badillo (Head of Marketing and Communications) and Raquel Espantaleon (Head of Strategy Planning at Mrs. Rushmore Publicity Agency), has decided that the six mascots should form a team, with ‘Ospi’ the frog at the head.

Now all the mascots have a name, thanks to the proposals of our colleagues in each of the five countries where Hospiten is present.

The jury unanimously decided that the winner of the contest, for her adaptation to the contest rules, clarity and reasons for choosing the frog ‘Ospi’ as our main mascot, is:

  • Karen Johnson of Hospiten Sur.


Hospiten board member, Diana Cobiella presented the lucky winner with her well-deserved prize – a tablet.

It was a close finish, so it was decided to give a special mention to another six proposals. They have all received a diploma for being “Ambassadors of the Hospiten Brand”. The lucky people are:

  • Jeniffer Carballo of Head Office.
  • Carmen Vilar of Hospiten Rambla.
  • Teresa Merino of Hospiten Bellevue.
  • Silvia Morales of Hospiten Roca.
  • Marcos Guerra of Hospiten Santo Domingo.
  • Brena Yhanell of Hospiten Cancun.