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Luis Milla receives the MVP Hospiten Prize for the Best Player of the Season

Posted on 07-06-2019

Tenerife FC player, Luis Millar Manzanares (Madrid, 1994), has been awarded the MVP Hospiten Prize 2018/2019 after winning 52 votes to beat Filip Malbasic, who came in second with 43.


Milla was presented the prize at the Hospiten Group’s head office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, by Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio, CEO of the Hospiten Group and Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais, Managing Director of the Group. “This is the third edition of the MVP Hospiten Award - the first to win the award was Amath, last year it went to Dani Hernandez and now it goes to Luis Milla, who has been the most regular player of the year. This is a prize awarded by the fans of the ‘Blue and White’ team who vote for the best player of the year”, said Mr. Hernandez.


Milla said “I am very happy the fans have chosen to award me the MVP for the best player of the season and am grateful to Hospiten for their support of the club. This trophy is in recognition of regularity on the pitch and so I only have words of thanks for all those who have helped make it possible”. The midfield player ended with a lighthearted comment about his rivalry with Malbasic. “We have been joking about this every week since I knew he wanted to win too, but this time it is for me”.