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Hospiten Sur incorporates a new technique to treat inguinal hernias

Posted on 10-10-2019

The General and Digestive Surgery Service at Hospiten Sur is developing this new laparoscopic treatment which reduces postoperative pain and allows a speedy recovery.

The General and Digestive Surgery Service at Hospiten Sur has incorporated a new laparoscopic treatment for inguinal hernias, with which, through small incisions, conditions related to the gallbladder and hiatal or epigastric hernias can be treated.

This minimally invasive procedure ensures a marked reduction in postoperative pain and the need for anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as a more rapid return to normal life for the patient.

The procedure can be performed by the laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal approach (TAPP), in patients with urological operations that have caused fibrosis in the area to be treated. On the other hand, patients who present primary, bilateral or recurrent inguinal hernias or require a speedy recovery can be treated preperitoneally (PET), without penetrating the abdominal cavity and thus reducing the risk of visceral and abdominal lesions.

According to specialist Dr. Fernando Estevez de la Rosa, this treatment is performed through small incisions, so there are fewer complications in the wounds, thus reducing the chances of developing seromas (pockets of excess fluid) and infection following surgery.

“At Hospiten we are committed to incorporating the latest advances in processes and techniques in order to improve the health and quality of life of patients. In this case, this new method represents a considerable improvement in recovery times and reduction of pain”, adds Dr. Estevez de la Rosa.

The General and Digestive Surgery Service at Hospiten Sur is specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases related to the organs that form the digestive tract, using the latest technological advances to ensure the well-being of its patients.

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