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Hospiten optimizes UDG Tenerife performance with GPS

Posted on 11-10-2019

UDG Tenerife football club takes another step in optimizing the players’ sports health. As part of the sponsorship agreement and close working relationship with Hospiten over the last 5 years, the healthcare group has given GPS (Global Positioning System) devices to the club to maximize the players’ performance.

The GPS device is carried in a ‘vest-brassiere´ worn by each of the players during training sessions and official matches. This kind of device is now a key piece of technology in professional football, and its use in UDG Tenerife has a simple, but specific explanation - to take the players’ physical condition to the highest level.

The team’s assistant coach, Victor Damaso, prepares an individual performance graph for each player, which features a variety of values like heart beat, distance run, intensity, speed, number of sprints and accelerations.

Once all the relevant information has been collected, Damaso and the UDG Tenerife fitness coach, Laura Diaz, draw up an individual plan to optimize each player’s performance using the variety of values and data taken from the studies.

“This device enables us to work with data collected real time and on the field”, says Damaso. “We can download all kinds of information on our players – acceleration, speed, metabolic power… That puts us at the vanguard of football today”.

Laura Diaz describes the performance improving system as “a great aid for sports health professionals. Thanks to Hospiten, this tool reinforces the condition of UDG Tenerife as a reference in the elite of Spanish football”.


The monitoring system not only provides the information needed to understand the different physical aptitudes of each player – that information also serves as a guide for the coaching staff to prevent muscle injuries, thus enabling them to assign periods of rest and physiotherapy sessions as required.