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The Hospiten Group renews and extends the European Seal of Excellence EFQM 500+

Posted on 14-10-2019

The CEO of AENOR, Rafael Garcia Meiro, and the Secretary General of the Excellence in Management Club, Ignacio Babé, presented, for the second time, the European Seal of Excellence EFQM 500+ to the Hospiten Group, represented by the CEO of the Hospiten Group, Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio, the Managing Director of the Hospiten Group, Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais and the Managing Director for Spain, Rafael Navarro Bravo.

The EFQM 500+ is the highest recognition awarded by the Excellence in Management Club to those organizations who follow a strategy oriented towards excellence and have achieved the objectives set in leadership criteria, key performance and results indicators, as well as those associated with people management.

Following the evaluation process, AENOR, accredited by the Excellence in Management Club, gave a special mention to the Hospiten Group’s commitment to its consolidation as a sustainable, ethical and responsible company in its business activities and the markets in which the company operates. The focus on sustainable development and a culture of excellence have become the strategic pillars of the company’s management and commitment to society.

The evaluation report points out that the organization is at the head of an international expansion program that transmits a corporate culture based on continuous improvement and excellence at each of the group’s centers. Furthermore, the report highlights the company’s criteria for sustainable construction and optimization in consumption as crucial points in the expansion of their network of hospitals.

The renovation of the Seal has been extended to Centro Medico Paitilla in Panama City, which stood out for meeting indicators such as the lowest re-admission rate in intensive care; 100% breast feeding in the neonatal department; the extensive selection of hospital menus available; an Intensive Care Unit that has trained 90% of the specialized nurses in the unit or the organization of numerous lectures on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms for all hospital staff involved in the Integrated Management System.

These results are part of the commitment of the Quality and Environment Committee of Centro Medico Paitilla to the management of processes, which have been instilled in all the medical professionals, as well as the personnel from the different departments. It should be noted that Centro Medico Paitilla is in the process of approval of a verification system of radiotherapy treatments by the Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in Panama, which would make it a pioneer in the country.

Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio said that “for the Hospiten Group, these types of awards are a great stimulus and help to lend visibility to company's work to be able to offer the public health services of the highest quality”.

For his part, Ignacio Babe stated that, "Hospiten's management is excellent and committed, as they have shown over the years, committed to first-rate global service”.

For Rafael Garcia Meiro, CEO of AENOR, “Hospiten is demonstrating to all its stakeholders that it is an organization focused on creating more and better processes to manage its services, focused on excellence, which is key to fostering trust and transparency - values greatly appreciated by society today”.

According to data provided by the Excellence in Management Club, official representative in Spain of the EFQM, the Hospiten Group is one of the organizations that is part of the 120 Spanish entities that currently hold an EFQM 500+ European Seal of Excellence, and stands out as the only organization in the health sector in the Canary Islands with the EFQM 500+ seal.


About the Hospiten Group

The Hospiten Group is an international healthcare network committed to providing top quality services, with 50 years of experience and nineteen private medical-hospital centers in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, and more than one hundred outpatient medical centers, both owned and associated under the brand Clinic Assist. The group is chaired by Dr. Pedro Luis Cobiella Suarez, and attends more than 1,700,000 patients from all over the world annually, with a workforce of more than 5,000 people.

About the Excellence in Management Club

A business association, founded in Spain in 1991, whose mission is to improve the competitiveness of organizations and professionals through the values of excellence in management. We provide our partners, and society in general, with the opportunity to share knowledge, develop skills and give visibility to their levels of excellence. The Excellence in Management Club has been the only official representative in Spain of the EFQM since 1994 and is composed of more than 230 members from the most diverse sectors and sizes, which currently represent 20% of the GDP and 25% of the IBEX35 .


AENOR is a professional services entity that identifies and helps correct the gaps in competitiveness of companies, sectors and the economic fabric by building trust. AENOR is the leading certification body in Spain.

AENOR is a global entity, which now operates in 90 countries in certification, verification, validation, inspection, analysis, training and information services. Currently, more than 80,000 work centers have one or more of the AENOR certificates in fields like Quality Management, Sustainability, Safety and Health in the Workplace, Digitalization or Compliance.