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Hospiten Lanzarote incorporates a Pain Management Unit

Posted on 17-10-2019

According to the Spanish Society for Pain Management, almost 20% of the Spanish population suffers pain daily


The healthcare group launches the service with a multidisciplinary approach to offer patients first-rate solutions

Arrecife, October 17 2019:- Hospiten Lanzarote has included in its service portfolio a Pain Management Unit, which was created with the aim of improving the treatment of all types of painful conditions and to help patients who require special treatments.

Dr. Adela Torbado, anesthesiologist at the center, explains that, “Treating pain correctly, acute or chronic, in the 21st century is one of the biggest challenges for the health sector to take on. Dealing with the problem is the main aim of the unit”.

According to the Spanish Society for Pain Management, almost 20% of the Spanish population lives with pain. Typically they are patients who have been referred from one specialist to another, unsuccessfully trying to achieve a better quality of life and in many cases having run out of treatment options - pharmaceutical, surgical and so on.

 “Since chronic pain is so common in this modern society, we must find quality, specialized solutions”, insists the doctor.

At present, the new unit will deal with patients suffering from degenerative neurological pain (following a cerebral accident, neuralgia and radiculopathies due to nerve entrapment), traumatic pain (osteoarthritis, arthritis, advanced degeneration of the spine, lumbago or cervical pain), post-surgical pain (failed surgery or scar pain) and pain caused by other causes like digestive, gynecologic conditions or fibromyalgia.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

The Pain Management Unit at Hospiten Lanzarote evaluates patients at the initial consultation and draws up a personalized treatment plan, giving the patient realistic goals regarding his/her prognosis and reasonable expectations of improvement.

Throughout the process, the patient is accompanied and advised throughout the process to develop an appropriate, effective solution with the help of a team consisting of various professionals: an anesthesiologist specialized in pain management, trauma specialists, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, specialists in work medicine and specialized nursing staff.

The new unit is part of Hospiten’s drive to expand their portfolio of specialties and quality standards in their services to improve the health of their patients.

With 50 years of experience, Hospiten has twenty private medical-hospital centers in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Panama, and more than one hundred outpatient medical centers, under the Clinic Assist brand, serving more than 1,700,000 patients annually from all over the world, and with a workforce of more than 5,000 people.