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Centro Medico Paitilla in Panama and part of the Hospiten Group is now Hospital Paitilla

Posted on 12-12-2019

The Centro Medico Paitilla, almost 45 years since its foundation, has changed its name to Hospital Paitilla. This new brand vision involves a transformation at an integral level in the institution, without departing from the excellence which has always been the aim of all its work.

The process of digital and technological transformation began some time ago with important innovations such as the migration to the SAP System, the creation of the electronic grid and the results portal for radiology and the laboratory. At the same time, the structural renovation master plan was initiated, which involves remodeling existing areas and construction of new spaces.

"It is important to strengthen the value of our brand, which, together with internal culture and corporate reputation, are the main asset for all companies," said Juan Jose Hernandez, CEO of the Hospiten Group.

Hospital Paitilla is the name that has come up naturally, since many of the patients, doctors and the general public call the institution that because of its geographical location, strategically located in a key point in Panama City.

The new brand is born based on values like connection, closeness, trust and protection, key elements that characterize us and have inspired us. These concepts give shape to the new hospital logo, rounded and friendly, reflecting the values and distinction of Hospital Paitilla.

The symbol is drawn is drawn on the basis of these concepts and highlights the union of two parts, doctor-patient, through a color change at the intersection of the parts, which will be visible both in the symbol and in the graphic elements.

 “To strengthen our brand in the market we have draw up a strategic plan, whose objectives for the coming years are:

  • Constant growth in the healthcare market
  • Focus on the local customer
  • Improve care and quality of service
  • Expand and create new areas and services
  • Provide our medical units with the latest technological advances for diagnosis and treatment”,

explained the Hospiten Group CEO, Juan Jose Hernandez.

This transformation would not be possible without the support of the medical staff and workforce, who together form a team that gain the trust of patients and their family members.

With this new image, the introduction of the new uniforms for all Paitilla Hospital staff was also announced. These uniforms are made with specially designed materials for each of the different functions, taking into account the comfort and safety of the staff.

About Hospital Paitilla

Founded in 1975, Hospital Paitilla is a private level III hospital and is part of the Hospiten Group. The hospital has a prestigious team of professionals in all medical specialties and more than 500 employees.

Currently, the hospital offers a wide range of facilities and technical, diagnostic and therapeutic services. Internationally certified under ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards of quality and environment.