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Hospiten recommends moderation at Christmas mealtimes to avoid digestive problems

Posted on 01-12-2023

Hospiten recommends moderation at Christmas mealtimes, since it is at this time of year that people usually consume heavy meals, too much fatty food and alcohol, which can cause a variety of stomach problems.

Hospiten Roca gastroenterologist, Dr. Beatriz Rodriguez Medina states that people must keep excesses under control and, in particular, those who have digestive problems like chronic gastritis or gastro-esophageal reflux and the number of cases of which increase substantially during the festive season.

Among her recommendations, the doctor mentions that some form of regular physical exercise will help regulate digestion and bowel movements, taking time when eating and chewing food well, eating fruit and vegetables to compensate for the richer cold meats, seafood and alcohol, stopping we feel full and avoid sleeping right after eating to give our body time to digest food.

Furthermore, Dr. Rodriguez Medina stresses that keeping to a healthy diet at this time of year is important, because the festive season often causes problems and ends up with a visit to the doctor due to gastritis, gas, abdominal swelling or pain or bowel problems.

At Hospiten we do not think you have to give up meals or drinks with family and friends at Christmas, but we do recommend moderation and healthy habits, which means we can celebrate without health problems.

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