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Hospiten warns of an increase in cases of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents

Posted on 13-02-2020

On the occasion of World Sexual Health Day, the hospital group insists on the need to build awareness about prevention of STDs at an early age


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 13 2020:- According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than a million people contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) every day. On the occasion of World Sexual Health Day on Friday, February 14, the Hospiten Gynecology and Obstetrics Service warns of an increase in STDs and in risk-taking among young people, like not using condoms and initiating sexual relations at an early age, among other factors.

 “The reasons behind the resurgence of STDs are various – awareness of the risk of HIV-type infections and that young people are more concerned about unwanted pregnancies, but not about sexually transmitted diseases. In that regard, young people today are the greatest victims of venereal disease”, adds the doctor.

Hospiten stresses that there is a need to publish information on prevention of STDs at an early age to provide the young with accurate information and sex education. The healthcare group has an adolescent disease unit within the gynecology department, aimed at informing, educating, publishing, preventing and diagnosing STDs.

Recommended preventive measures for adolescents:

-      Avoiding initiating sexual relations at an early age because it is a risk

-      Avoid being promiscuous or having numerous sexual partners without protection

-      Use condoms for every sexual relation as a means of prevention

-      Get advice on the use of contraceptives during adolescence

 “We recommend visiting a specialist during adolescence. The aim is not that it be invasive, or an invasion of privacy, it is simply a chance to give information about the preventive measures available, out of responsibility for one’s health and for the impact they may have on the health of others”, explains Dr. Baeta.

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