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Hospiten activates a free video-consultation service

Posted on 07-04-2020

The Hospiten Group has launched a video-consultation service, free of charge during the month of April, with the aim of helping patients consult health concerns and facilitating contact with specialists.

In parallel to this, the Hospiten Group maintains its essential services at full capacity for daily operations at all its centers, such as 24-hour emergency services, hospitalization, ICU, outpatient consultations, operating rooms, laboratory, radio-diagnosis and the dialysis units.

The video-consultation system, aimed at patients with a medical history in Hospiten, will allow video-consultation with pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics and internal medicine, and allow patients to consult the evolution of their condition, treatment, medication, results or diagnostic tests, by making an appointment on the regular telephone number of the hospital, which will provide the patient with the link to access video-consultation by means of an email address.

Also, free of charge for patients with a medical history in Hospiten, general medicine video-consultations may be requested to answer questions about symptoms and recommendations related to COVID-19, as well as general medicine. This service is also available by calling the hospital.

This video-consultation service seeks to maintain patient care active and provide adequate medical response in health matters by its professionals.

Video-consultation is available at Hospiten in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Estepona and Algeciras. So, patients will be able to connect from their home by computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The platform ensures the security of information as it is integrated into the Hospiten appointments process, guaranteeing secure communication between professionals and patients, complying with the highest level of protection.