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The Tais Hotels and Grupo Hospiten join forces to strengthen health safety

Posted on 30-07-2020

Bahía del Duque offers 63,000 m2 of gardens and green spaces equivalent to two thirds of the total surface. Well differentiated areas like Las Villas and Casas Ducales provide the highest exclusivity to enable a very personal and individual care.

The hotel truly reflects the traditional Canary Islands architecture of the early 20th century. Located in a privileged and well-known area for its micro-climate, this site has spring temperatures around the year and offers direct access to two beaches (Playa del Duque and Duque Norte).

A first class experience is possible thanks to the Wellness Retreat, which has been awarded on several occasions as one of the most distinguished wellness places of Europe, and the proposals of different restaurants and their renowned chefs.

The Villas were inaugurated in January 2008 and designed by the outstanding interior designer Pascua Ortega. Their private pool and gardens with tropical and subtropical flora round up the offer. This area was conceived to provide move privacy and a highly personalised service with independent reception and butler service.

For its part, Hospiten Group is a leading company of medical services in international environments with over 50 years’ experience. It is jointly working with The Tais Hotels to supervise the safety programme in health that will be implemented by trained teams.

This partnership includes strict health check-ups of employees before reopening the hotels and their return to work, health tests of clients and collaborators to early detect possible COVID-19 cases and the implementation of strict isolation protocols for all suspect cases.

The new joint programme implemented by The Tais Hotels and Grupo Hospiten strengthens the procedures to protect guests and employees whilst ensuring that they feel safe. This “safety hospitality programme” has been certified by Biolab Consulting International Standard, specialists in food safety and hygiene. Their comprehensive proposal provides the necessary tools to evaluate, verify, test and proof the health safety in tourist  accommodations.

The health audit programmes consist of thorough evaluations to grant health safety of all areas including common areas, food services, laundry, evaluation of external suppliers and a programme to analyse and validate the  effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection plans implemented by the hotel establishment. Apart from this specific plan, it enables an on-going staff training to manage new situations to immediately adopt all preventive and corrective measures.

Alongside reinforced hygiene and cleaning measures and the use of masks, Grupo Hospiten collaborates with the advice of their international experts to inform and offer their scientific knowledge to deliver an ongoing review and validation of our health and safety programme.

Grupo Hospiten has a COVID-19 Advisory Committee with international experts that inform and offer their scientific knowledge to establish protocols and take updated decisions to improve and review current procedures. Combined with the staff training, it enables the necessary measures to create safe environments.


Bahía del Duque has 26 years’ experience and has been many times chosen by experts as one of the best hotels of Europe. It has remained true to its initial values: service, customer care and care for details.

The Villas were inaugurated in 2008. Together with the Wellness Retreat, they ushered in a new and highly customised luxury service and a new wellness approach.

Both establishments operate under the brand The Tais Hotels, an exclusive collection of extraordinary hotels with own character and commitment with excellence.

A roomy site of 100,000 m2 and a unique architecture have turned it into an international luxury icon in the hospitality industry. These accommodations are also a sustainability reference for its 63,000 m2 tropical and subtropical vegetation with its own bioclimate. It shelters a great diversity of palm and dragon trees, Indian laurels, Ficus Canariensis, flamboyant, jacaranda, fruit trees, cactus and several European plants.


Grupo Hospiten is a private international hospital network that offers over 1,200 beds. It has assumed a compromise with a first-level healthcare service that attends over 1.7 million patients on a yearly basis. As a result of this commitment, its hospitals and medical-care centres can be found in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Panamá.

Grupo Hospiten has been certified by the highest international standards on Quality and Environment like the international UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE EN ISO 14001:2015. It has also obtained the EFQM 500+ European Seal of Excellence that distinguishes those organisations that base their strategy upon the excellence of all their service areas.