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Ten professionals from the Hospiten Group participate as mentors in ‘Canarias Masterclass’

Posted on 25-08-2020

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, August 25, 2020: Hospiten participated in the ‘Canarias Masterclass’ program with ten professionals from the group who acted as mentors in their respective branches of medicine for future students interested in careers in healthcare or research. The young people participated in the initiative promoted by Canary Talent, a non-profit association that provides students with career guidance and of which Hospiten has been a part for 5 years.

The specialists, from the fields of gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, endovascular, endocrinology, nursing and pharmacy have been able to help the students selected and give them a realistic idea about their future subject areas.

Through online or presential sessions, Hospiten medical professionals have been able to show those interested in studying these university degrees what their day-to-day is really like. Likewise, the professionals involved answer the students’ questions, offer advice and can show them what their working day would be like if they finally decided to dedicate themselves to the career they have in mind.

In the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife the tutors were Professor Manuel Maynar, head of Endovascular, professor at the ULPGC and director of the Chair of Medical Technologies; Dr. Asuncion Gaspar, pediatrician at Hospiten Rambla; Dr. Lola Perez Jaraiz, gynecologist at Hospiten Rambla; Dr. Gloria Colli, head of Pediatrics Hospiten Estepona; Maria Gallardo, director of Hospiten Estepona Nursing Services and Yoana Delgado, Hospiten Group pharmacist.

The mentors from the province of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria were Dr. Francisco Varillas, endocrinologist at Hospiten Roca; Dr. Luis Hilario Sosa, pediatrician at Hospiten Roca; Dr. Anna Erebourg, pediatrician at Hospiten Roca and Dr. Ricardo Cubedo, head of Sarcomas and Hereditary Cancer at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid.

In total, ‘Canarias Masterclass’ selected 50 young talents from among 2nd-year Canary high school students. 26 were selected from the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and 24 from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who went through a 4-phase selection process to opt for a place and obtain the prize of a masterclass with the specialist in the field they want to study next year.

The students mentored by Hospiten in this edition were Sara Magdalena Romero, Lucia Carmona, Marta Roda, Carolina Morales, Ana Perez Marrero, Elizabeth Nuñez, Irene Vargas, Emma Espino, Sofia Torres and Ana Montesdeoca.

The mentors gave special mention to the students’ motivation, enthusiasm and interest in knowing the reality of their future professions, as well as the enormous potential the students taking part. They also concluded that online mentoring, as in this atypical edition, has not been an impediment to connecting with these young people, who are very comfortable working with new technologies.

For their part, the chosen students, who will start their university degrees in a few weeks, have expressed their gratitude for the amount of information received, the very useful content provided to guide them in their future and help them discover or strengthen vocations for research or working directly with patients, for example. The experience, which is very enriching for everyone involved, motivates the students, providing more information about their academic future and giving them the chance to speak to great professionals in the sector.