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Hospiten Lanzarote launches 3D and 4D ultrasound service

Posted on 06-10-2020

Puerto del Carmen, October 6, 2020: Hospiten Lanzarote launches their high-tech 3D and 4D ultrasound service, the most advanced equipment used in obtaining fetal images. The center’s gynecologist, Dr. Meritxell Lorente, explains that "expectant parents will be able to see their baby in high definition and real-time movement".

Dr. Lorente points out that "being able to see that the baby is developing well creates a feeling of confidence and calmness that allows the pregnancy to progress without worries". These ultrasound machines can obtain very good quality images with high frequency sound waves, improving diagnosis by up to 70%.

These are 3D, x-ray free, anatomical images that add, to the classical 2D images, depth and much more detailed information. The biggest advance is that of 4D technology, which adds movement to the still images obtained in 3D, and the greatest advantage is the advance in early diagnosis of diseases.

"It is like introducing a video camera into the mother's womb, allowing doctors to diagnose malformations in the fetus", she explains.

Observation of the baby in the womb by means of 3D or 4D, real-time movement ultrasound is recommended between weeks 24 and 32 of pregnancy, since the images obtained at the stage give a better, clearer picture of the fetus’ anatomy.

From week 18, you can see the baby yawning and opening its eyes, and from week 26 you can see all the typical movements of a baby, like scratching, blinking, crying, smiling, swallowing and even hiccupping.

Because the procedure is harmless, ultrasounds have developed rapidly and facilitate the doctors’ work of studying a patient without risk.