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Vascular deterioration affects 100% of the population and is the leading cause of death in the world

Posted on 21-10-2020

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, October 21 2020: The Hospiten Group has launched a “vascular health” prevention campaign with 100 free check-ups on the island of Tenerife. The objective is to detect possible disease and raise awareness about the prevalence and prevention of vascular disease, as they are the leading cause of death in the world.

Professor Dr. Manuel Maynar, head of the Hospiten Endoluminal/Endovascular Diagnostics and Therapeutics Service, states that about 80% of these cases are preventable. "Vascular deterioration affects 100% of the population, however, this type of check-up, which consists of a carotid, aorta and peripheral test, is mainly recommended for people over 50 years of age or those with risk factors", he explains.

The most common arterial vascular diseases are heart attack, carotid artery disease (stenosis/obstruction), cerebrovascular accident (stroke/embolism), peripheral vascular disease (pain in the legs when walking or at rest), and diseases of the aorta (aneurysm and dissections).

The most common vascular disease-related problems are paralysis, dizziness and memory loss, chest pain or leg pain when walking and kidney failure.

Those interested in participating in the campaign can apply on the Hospiten.com website – the campaign will take place in the months of October and November at Hospiten Rambla.