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Cancun forges ahead in hemodialysis care

Posted on 22-07-2021

Now a global tourist destination, vacationers remain welcome to visit Cancun, where certain disorders should no longer constitute a reason for canceling a trip to the beach.To provide comfort and safety to travelers, Cancun offers the technology to carry out specialized medical treatments, including hemodialysis, given to people suffering from kidney disorders.

“Hemodialysis is a treatment mainly used to substitute kidney function in patients with renal insufficiency, whose organ function is severely deteriorated to less than 10 percent of its normal function”, explained Dr. José Raúl Reyna Raygoza, head of Nephrology and Dialysis at Hospiten Cancun.

Renal insufficiency can produce a number of negative effects on the body, such as the accumulation of toxins in the body, fluid retention, or electrolyte, sodium, potassium and calcium disorders; conditions which can put the patient’s life in danger.

One example of a patient with a successful outcome is that of María Teresa Vázquez Mendoza, who was suffering from renal insufficiency.

In the space of just 48 hours she was suffering from fluid retention in her lower limbs, arms, face, and even in her abdomen, with a risk of this spreading to her heart and lungs and putting her life in danger.

The patient was given emergency hemodialysis sessions to solve the fluid retention, and within a month, the illness was under control.


“She subsequently responded to treatment. Maria Teresa is one of our successful cases here at Hospiten Cancun. She is now hemodialysis-free, as her disease was diagnosed and treated in time”, explained Dr. Raul Reyna.

It is for this reason that the specialist urges people to have blood and urine lab tests done at least once a year, to make sure their kidneys are working properly.

People suffering from diabetes, hypertension or obesity, or those over 60, should take particular care of their kidneys, as they are the most at risk.

Signs which could indicate kidney problems:

-Swollen hands and feet due to fluid retention

-Foamy urine which has changed in color


-Pale skin

-Sleeping disorders

-Loss of sense of taste