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Hospiten highlights the importance of consulting a specialist before dieting

Posted on 07-09-2021

Dr. Estefania Gonzalez Melo, of the Department of Endocrinology and Nutrition at the Hospiten Bellevue and Hospiten Sur University Hospitals, explains the importance of consulting a specialist before starting a diet with the aim of carrying out a medical evaluation and designing a personalized plan with eating guidelines tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

She clarifies that to improve the effectiveness of the results and guarantee the health of the patient, the specialist performs a medical examination, "in search of the origin of any pre-existing disease that the person we are treating may suffer, in order to deal with pharmacological and even surgical treatments, if needed”.

The endocrinologist, Dr. Gonzalez Melo, points out that the excessive intake of ultra-processed products and refined oils can lead to various serious pathologies like Type II diabetes, respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease or cancer. For that reason, she insists on the need to prioritize the consumption of natural foods like fruit, vegetables and legumes.

She also recommends avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and combining diet with regular exercise, at least three days a week. "The less we move, the less agile we are and consequently, in the long term, we lose both muscle mass and bone density, while the heart pumps less blood", warns Dr. Gonzalez.