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Jamaican Ministry of Health signs agreement of collaboration for Hospiten Montego Bay to serve as COVID-19 vaccination center

Posted on 07-10-2021

The Jamaican Ministry of Health has signed an agreement of collaboration with Hospiten Montego Bay to support the launch of the national COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

This agreement is part of the Ministry for Health’s framework of action to expand and improve accessibility to vaccination centers for the population of the whole island. Hospiten Montego Bay will join the 55 permanent vaccination points the government has already set up.

The agreement will not imply any cost for users, who will be vaccinated free of charge, and not only covers the vaccination process, but will also register the people who are vaccinated and will transfer said register to the Ministry, as well as providing the highest standards of equipment in the storage and conservation of the vaccine and qualified personnel for the vaccination process.