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Hospiten incorporates breast micropigmentation for cancer patients

Posted on 19-10-2021

The Hospiten Group has added breast micropigmentation to its services, an innovative, minimally invasive practice, with no contraindications or complications, which allows corrections to be made to help with a multitude of congenital and/or acquired conditions.
The technique, which is performed at the 'Cosmetic Dermatology and Skin Laser' service of the Hospiten Rambla University Hospital, aims to complete the process of breast reconstruction in women who have been through breast cancer to increase their self-esteem and improve their quality of life by helping them recover their body image.
The objective of the procedure is to recreate the areola, although there are other applications for the technique like covering up scars or in the reconstruction of facial features, which can benefit cancer patients, as well as those affected by cleft lip, facial tumors or who have suffered trauma.
Dr. Lucia Pimentel, specialist in Dermatology and Venereology at the Hospiten Rambla University Hospital, stresses how important this technology is in providing comprehensive support to women affected by breast loss.
“A mastectomy is a psychologically painful process that the health services generally consider closed with the reconstruction of the volume of the breast, but at Hospiten, we understand the process does not end until the areola and nipples are reconstructed. This can be achieved with micropigmentation, a valuable technique in terms of esthetics and with a lot to offer patients in terms of mental health”, explains the doctor.
Thanks to the extraordinarily realistic results achieved with organic pigments in brown, reddish tones that imitate the color of the areola and complement the patient's natural skin tone, Hospiten hopes this new service will give women back what they should never have lost, thus helping to improve the patients’ quality of life by boosting their self-confidence, optimism and self-esteem.