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Endoscopic spine surgery: a success story at Hospiten Estepona

Posted on 11-11-2021

Estepona, November 11, 2021 - "Before the operation I could not go out, get dressed or go to the bathroom, my daughter had to take me." This is how Elizabeth Romero speaks emotionally about her state of health before undergoing endoscopic spinal surgery at Hospiten Estepona, a new technique already being performed at the center with astonishing results.

“This procedure”, says Dr. Javier Guerrero, specialist in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery at Hospiten Estepona, “is indicated to treat ailments as limiting as herniated discs in young patients and athletes, who require a quick recovery. But it is also indicated for patients of advanced age or with chronic diseases, since it is a less aggressive surgery where the risks associated with traditional procedures are greatly reduced”.

Thanks to this new technique, patients like Elizabeth experience a substantial improvement in their quality of life in just a matter of days.


What is endoscopic spine surgery?

Dr. Guerrero explains that it is a minimally invasive technique used to treat hernias or spinal stenosis. Surgical instruments and a microscopic camera are introduced through a centimeter long incision through which the anatomical structures of the patient can be viewed on a high-definition screen located in the operating room. This means that endoscopic spine surgery is a very reliable alternative to conventional open surgery since the possible complications of spine surgery are minimized.

“I came from the emergency room and Doctor Vides [head of the Traumatology Department] told me about a new technique that would suit me very well. I thought about it and on the day of the operation everything went very quickly. They finished at 6 in the evening and at 12.00 noon the next day, I was discharged. I would recommend it to anyone I could”, says Elizabeth Romero.


Substantial advantages for a better quality of life

And it is that one of the main advantages of endoscopic spine surgery performed at Hospiten Estepona is the speed of the patient's recovery. But it is not the only benefit:

  • Less pain and injury to the patient
  • Reduced risk of infection and bleeding
  • Less time in the operating room and shorter hospital stay. The patient can be discharged 12 hours after the procedure


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