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Hospiten Roca gynecologist wins grant to research fetal heart failure

Posted on 11-11-2021

Gran Canaria, November 2021. Dr. Anna Erenbourg, gynecologist at Hospiten Roca, has been recognized with a Research Stay grant from Las Palmas Medical Association to establish a predictive model of the progression of fetal heart disease. The objective is to identify cases that will evolve into fetal heart failure in time and ensure a full-term pregnancy. 

The project is an avant-garde study based on more in-depth exploration of the fetal heart through the assessment of cardiac functionality. In this way, the normal range in healthy fetuses has already been identified and the deterioration of fetal conditions in twin gestations and pregnancies affected by restrictions in fetal growth has been assessed.

Dr. Erenbourg states that this field of research "is very interesting, since it offers us the possibility of applying the functional study of the heart to congenital heart diseases". She adds that "in this group of fetal pathologies, the application of fetal cardiac function assessment techniques has not been studied in depth and therefore, the application can potentially improve current management techniques".

The gynecologist and Fetal Medicine specialist at Hospiten Roca states that the grant will allow her to expand and internationalize the project, building a network of collaboration with other centers, like the Hospitalier de Mayotte Mamoudzou Center in France, the Carmel Medical Center in Israel and the Ospedale dei Bambini Vittore Buzzi in Italy which will participate in the study.

Dr. Anna Erenbourg has extensive experience in this field of research. She completed a master's degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research at the University of London and another in Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Barcelona. This research project is the basis of her PhD thesis in Fetal Medicine (University of South Wales, Sydney).

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