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Medicine and mathematics, there cannot be one without the other

Posted on 07-12-2021

The ‘Canarias Masterclass’ corporate social responsibility project is an initiative of the Canary Talent Association which seeks to support the talent of Canary students, bringing them closer to the reality of the labor market.

Yet another year, Hospiten supports Canary talent by spending a day in the future

This year was the sixth edition, with 1,709 2nd-year high school students from all over the archipelago enrolled after going through a 4-phase selection process. As part of the process, the students underwent a psychotechnical test, a presentation video for each of them was made and then they had to wait for the verdict of the selectors. Of all the participating students, 50 finalists were chosen.

If anything defines ‘Canarias Masterclass’, it is, as coordinator, Onnexa Lopetegui explains, that the participants have the opportunity to see, for just a day, what their future working life would be like if they dedicated themselves to the profession they are passionate about at this stage of their life. "It's like spending a day in the future," she says.

The project coordinator considers the program to be very useful for the students, since they are at a key moment in their lives, when they have not yet decided what their future career will be and they are struck by doubt and uncertainty.